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Road Traffic Costs

We have extensive experience in representing clients in all types of Road Traffic offences and are happy to advise and represent anyone facing prosecution . These matters can be, and usually are, technical and may also require the instruction of an independent expert to provide a report. We base our fees upon the level of work likely to be involved in preparing a defence. Work likely to be involved would include: Attending upon you to obtain instructions and providing initial advice of any defence available; Receiving papers from you and obtaining initial disclosure from the prosecution; advising on the strength of evidence indended to be adduced by the prosecution and any weaknesses evident in your own case; Dependent upon the perceived prosecution case, advising on pleas and the possible sentence the court could impose upon conviction; Interviewing and taking statements from possible witnesses; Obtaining expert evidence; Representation before the Court at trial or plea and advising upon possible against conviction and/or sentence.

For representation before the court where a guilty plea is intended our fees are £750 + VAT and disbursements which would include:

  • Taking instructions and advising on plea and likely sentence
  • Obtainiing and considering the prosecution evidence
  • Preparation of a plea in mitigation
  • Representation before the court at one hearing
  • Advising upon appeal against the sentence imposed.

For representation where a not guilty plea is intended it is extremely difficult to provide a realistic estimation of the costs involved because every case is different and turn upon their own facts. Our fees on such cases are charged at an hourly rate of £250 per hour for an assistant solicitor or £325 per hour for a senior solicitor to deal with your case. We are able to offer a fixed fee interview of 1 hours duration to provide initial advice and consider the likely work necessary to prepare for trial, as well as providing advice on ways and means of minimising costs.