AM Strachan & Co | Probate Costs


The costs of our Probate Services will vary according to the complexity of the Estate. For simple matters our fees begin at £2,000 (excluding VAT and disbursements) and on complex matters could exceed £25,000 excluding VAT and disbursements.

We will provide you with the advice of an experienced solicitor throughout the matter, including: Providing initial advice; Checking the validity of the Will: Contacting the appointed Executor(s); Obtaining the necessary information required to complete probate application forms; Drafting the Oath for Executor; Applying for a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration; Collecting in all Estate Assets; Paying Inheritance Tax and other Estate debts and expenses and distributing the assets to the Beneficiaries.

For a Straightforward Estate, with an Estate value of up to £150,000 where there is a valid Will and which involves: 1 x freehold or leasehold property; up to 2 x bank accounts; No National Savings or Shares held; No liabilities to be discharged and up to 4 beneficiaries, our fees start at £2,000 excluding VAT and disbursements.

For a High Value Estate, with an Estate value up to £1.5 million involving: 2 x freehold or leasehold properties; up to 10 bank accounts; National Savings investments, shares and/or insurance policies to be realised; Inheritance Tax to be paid and up to 6 beneficiaries we estimate fees as in the region of £25,000 excluding VAT and disbursements.


Disbursements payable by the Estate are likely to include:

  • Probate Court Fees (currently) £155
  • Oath Fees £5.00 to £7.00 per Executor
  • Will Search (if necessary) from  £114 + VAT
  • Legal Notices (if necessary) from £200
  • Bankruptcy Searches £2.00 per person searched
  • Land Registry search fees £3.00


Costs indicated do not include:

  • Clearing personal items or property
  • Valuations of Estate Assets which may involve 3rd party expert appraisals
  • Dealing with the transfer to beneficiaries or sale of any Estate freehold or leasehold property
  • Tracing and Genealogical Enquiries
  • Tax advice